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Eastleigh passenger shot in rage over bus fare change

By KNA July 21st, 2015 1 min read

A passenger who boarded a matatu heading to Eastleigh from the City Centre was on Sunday accidentally shot by another passenger who was aiming at the driver for refusing to give him his change.

Peter Chege, aged 33, was shot on the leg at around 4.50 pm as the enraged passenger argued with the driver.

Confirming the incident,  Police Spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki said the matatu had made a stopover at Eastleigh’s garage area, where the armed passenger, while alighting, demanded for his change from the conductor.

The armed passenger and the conductor had apparently disagreed on the amount of bus fare to be paid. The conductor declined to give him change and the frustrated passenger turned to the driver.

“After failing to get what he was demanding, the passenger moved to the side of the driver and drew a loaded pistol from one of his pockets. And since the matatu was already in motion, the bullet struck Chege who was seated behind the driver’s seat,” said Mboroki.

Mboroki said Chege is admitted at Guru Nanak Hospital where he was taken by a good Samaritan Jennifer Awuor.

“We are investigating the matter even though the suspect is still at large,”added Mboroki.