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Eastleigh residents celebrate Barre’s appointment as Somalia PM

Residents of Eastleigh, a Nairobi suburb, took to the streets to celebrate the nomination of Hamza Abdi Barre as Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Barre was nominated by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

He becomes the country’s second Prime Minister.

“I thank God for making Somalia hold a fair election after a period of such uncertainty,” said Barre. “I assure you I will work day and night, and I will put together the best cabinet

Barre was serving as an MP of the Lower House representing Kismayu in Jubbaland State, the southernmost region in Somalia.

President Mohammud revealed he took the decision to nominate Barre after recognizing his knowledge, experience, and ability.

Additionally, he unveiled his choice for prime minister just six days after he was inaugurated at a ceremony in Mogadishu attended by several regional heads of state.

Last month, residents in Eastleigh took to the streets to also celebrate Mohamud’s election.

Mohamud beat incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Mohammed by 166 votes out of a possible 328 for a simple majority in the third round of an intense election.

President Mohamud will serve as Head of State for a second time with his first stint being between 2012 to 2017.

The 66-year-old is the leader of the Union for Peace and Development party, which commands a majority of seats in both legislative chambers.

However, a section of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) were angered by the celebrations with others supporting their way of celebrating Somali leaders.

Blogger Lord Mutai feels Eastleigh residents should decide whether to owe their allegiance to Kenya or Somalia.

Charles Kabaiku argued that because Somalis are in Kenya doesn’t mean they don’t have a connection with their homeland

Another Twitter user suggested a crackdown in Eastleigh by the government.

Another one defended Eastleigh residents saying their businesses had employed many Kenyans.