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Easy hack to prevent fast charging from ruining your phone battery

By Winnie Mabel January 30th, 2023 2 min read

One of the preferred features in the latest smartphones being unveiled globally is the fast charging of mobile phone batteries.

This is a feature that allows a mobile phone user to charge their phone to full capacity at a fraction of the time it would take one to charge a phone using a normal charger.

This is a preferred feature for users on the constant go or heavily use their devices without having the time or patience to wait for normal charging time to end.

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Phone charging.

Phone charging. PHOTO|PHOTOSFORCLASSHowever, it is known that constant charging of a phone’s battery tends to lower its battery health and eventually damage the battery completely.

One TikToker, Droidsavvy, however, explained how a user can protect their phone battery while using the fast charging feature and not have to keep buying new batteries.

“Here’s a wonderful Android feature that every single Android user will appreciate. Today’s video has been inspired by a question from Fred who says, ‘Arsen, I love my phone but I don’t feel like buying a new phone because my battery has gone bad every single year.

I’ve heard of fast charging and super fast charging destroyed the battery quickly. How do I go about preventing it?’ And boy do I have a really nice video for you guys,” began Droidsavvy.

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He went on to show his followers how they could set up their mobile phones to protect their batteries during fast charging.

“See, the conventional fast charging that’s enabled on most modern phones wears out the battery components pretty quickly. It makes it loose its ability to retain charge, which means you battery goes bad sooner so you have to buy a new phone. In this video, I will show you how to prevent and slow it down.

The first thing you’ve got to do is to go to your settings, swipe up and tap on your battery. Then tap on battery care, make sure it is set to auto or adaptive; or tap on custom. Now, this is important. Set up a start time when your phone is plugged in and you go to sleep; and a target time when you actually wake up. Your phone will trickle charge really slowly at night and preserve your battery from deteriorating faster,” explained Droidsavvy.

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