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Edday Nderitu revives Karen Nyamu’s Sh9 million government tender claims

Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, has vehemently denied allegations that Senator Karen Nyamu played a role in securing a lucrative Sh9 million government tender for her.

The denial comes in response to claims made by Nyamu during an interview with Jalang’o TV in March 2021.

The clarification emerged following a post by Edday’s close friend, Bernice, who addressed a fan’s inquiry about Edday’s apparent hate for Karen despite the alleged assistance in obtaining the tender.

Edday responded directly to the fan, asserting:

“Did I look like Sh 9 million while I was in Kenya? 99% of what she says is lies, ulizia kwa ground, my friend.”

Senator Karen Nyamu, who is Nderitu’s husband Samidoh’s lover, had previously stated in the Jalang’o TV interview that she had assisted Samidoh’s wife in registering a company that successfully secured a tender worth Sh9 million.

Nyamu defended her actions, asserting that she was not trying to destabilize the family but instead had played a supportive role.

“Last year I gave Samidoh the idea that she (Samidoh’s wife) should register a company because we were getting tenders. Right now she is serving a tender for stationery worth Sh9 million which I and Samidoh’s brother Kariz Magic sat down and did the documents,” claimed Nyamu during the interview.

In June 2023, Edday announced that she had no intentions of getting back with the father of her three children Samidoh because she was not in for a polygamous marriage.

“Let me correct a few inaccuracies that were published online. As said, I do not have a polygamous marriage. I left him for whoever needed him more.”

“I decided to take myself and my children out of that toxic environment, especially my teenage daughter who, regrettably, is a direct victim of the behavior,” Edday said.

She said I would not raise my children in a polygamous family, especially with a woman who is more than ten years my senior.

“I have said to you, and I’m saying it here again,” she added.

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