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Eddy Kenzo addresses claims Museveni bought him vehicle

Towards the end of last year, several socialites including musicians and comedians met President Museveni in what some analysts say is a strategy to ward off the political heat from his biggest critic Bobi Wine who also recently declared his intention to contest for president in 2021.

On the long list of musicians who made their way to State House to meet the head of state is Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo. Most of those who met the President left State House with gifts ranging from money, cars to heads of cattle, among others.

His meeting with the president came on the heels of a feud with Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata regarding a video in which Kenzo claimed to have been disrespected by Muzaata.
It’s however not clear what gift the Semyekozo singer who had hitherto declared his undying love for the Kyadondo East MP, left State House with.

But days after the meeting, Kenzo posted a photo of himself with his newly acquired Land cruiser V8 on his social media platforms and captioned “Bombardier!”

That’s when his followers started speculating about the source of the car.

Most of them believed it was a gift from the President in exchange for his support and pledge to canvas votes in the 2021 elections to further prolong his stay in power.

However, the Sitya Loss singer says the car is just one of those smallest achievements out of his personal sweat.

“After I met the president, every milestone I achieve is attributed to him. I have achieved a lot. The car is just one of those smallest achievements I have made. When I bought my car shortly after meeting the president, some people mistook it to be a gift from him. The car is mine. I have never got a car from His Excellence. Get your facts right. My name is Eddy Kenzo and I work hard each and every day. I can get whatever I want if God wishes. I have achieved a lot of things and the car is just one of those smallest achievements,” Kenzo said.