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Edwin Sifuna blasts Ruto’s State of the Nation address

By Mercy Simiyu November 16th, 2023 2 min read

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has openly questioned the credibility of President William Ruto’s recent State of the Nation address, asserting he cannot trust Ruto to accurately portray the nation’s condition.

During an interview with Citizen TV, the youthful politician, who doubles up as the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) secretary general,  alleged President Ruto’s indicated that he skipped the State of the Nation address because he was not certain the president will be factual in his comments.

“I believe that the State of the Nation is about the people and not anything else. I did not trust William Ruto to paint the true status of the nation because of his history,”said Sifuna.

“I don’t know how to sit and keep silent when I hear things which are not true,” Sifuna added, referencing the parliamentary protocol that requires MPs and Senators to maintain silence during the President’s address.

Senator Sifuna, known for his outspoken nature, took to X account last week to declare his decision not to attend President Ruto’s State of the Nation address scheduled for November 9. In a post, he articulated his concerns about Ruto’s credibility, stating, “Ruto cannot be trusted to paint the true picture of the State of the Nation, which, as you know, is dire. I cannot sit quietly listening to lies.”

This comes at a time President Ruto was reportedly told by politicians allied to him that some of his policies and decisions have made them unpopular among Kenyans.

“President Ruto is reported to have told MPs they don’t always have to be popular. We will make sure Kenyans don’t forget the pain inflicted on them by this govt and the consequences of electing incompetent leaders who cannot run a country.”

President Ruto has been on the spot in recent times as Kenyans complain over the high cost of living, a move influenced by the high taxes.

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