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Effects of silent treatment in marriage

While countless couples embark on the journey of marriage with high hopes of a lifelong partnership, not all find themselves savoring the fruits of wedlock.

While some opt for the path of separation or divorce, a significant portion chooses to persevere, though they often find themselves ensnared in the painful web of silent treatment within their marriages.

Numerous couples endure a life of companionship without meaningful communication.

During the initial phases of courtship and dating, couples are often overjoyed, constantly conversing with one another.

However, as time progresses, the same individuals who once professed their undying love communicate sparingly, if at all.

Many marriages now resemble an emotional prison, where minding one’s own business becomes the norm.

People coexist under the same roof, leading separate lives with little concern or inquiry into each other’s well-being.

It’s a puzzling transformation, how those who once adored each other can become comfortable with prolonged silences.

Joy told Nairobi News that, “It’s as if my husband and I are strangers sharing a home. We occupy the same physical space, yet our communication is virtually nonexistent. He takes care of the financial responsibilities, and I manage the household, but beyond that, we lead separate lives. I miss the connection we once had, but my efforts to bridge the gap have proven futile. We are essentially raising our children as cohabitants.”

Everlyne Akinyi also recounts her experience saying, “When I discovered that my husband was involved in multiple affairs, my heart broke because I truly loved him. However, this revelation triggered a downward spiral in our relationship. We gradually grew apart, often refraining from speaking for extended periods. Eventually, months passed without any meaningful conversation between us. Matters worsened, and one day, he left and never returned home.”

This unfortunate situation often leaves children caught in a dilemma they neither caused nor anticipated, growing up without the love and affection that parents once shared.

According to statistics from household and family dynamics reports released during the 2019 census, it was revealed that 5.5 percent of Kenya’s 12 million households were led by divorcees or individuals who had separated from their spouses.

Ironically, many of these estranged spouses are part of organizations that place high value on communication and customer service, highlighting the stark contrast between their professional lives and personal relationships.

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