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Eight cheating myths no woman should believe

Having another woman or women on the side is no longer news in the Kenyan relationship arena. A lot has been said about this cheating phenomenon.

What you might not know is that some of the things that you have heard and believe to be true about cheating and those who do it are false. Here is a look into some of these;

1. Men cheat with someone younger and more attractive – This is simply not true. Often, affairs, especially where he cheats with just one person, are emotional. This means that he will cheat with the woman he connects with emotionally, not the most attractive.

2. He cheated so something is wrong with the marriage – This is another falsehood. Sometimes, men who have affairs are in perfectly happy relationships. Don’t be quick to blame yourself or your relationship if he cheated.

3. Once a cheater, always a cheater – This is the most common cheating myth in Kenya. To be fair, there are men who will cheat on you multiple times with multiple women. It is also true that cheating can be a one off. A couple can heal and move on from it.

4. Men cheat more than women – The truth is that both sexes are capable of cheating and both sexes cheat in equal numbers. It is just that women are the ones who come out most with their men’s infidelities.

5. Sleeping with an ex isn’t cheating – A lot of people imagine that just because you have been there and done that, then cheating with an ex isn’t really cheating. The truth is that it is, even if you were with this person for a decade. Exes belong only in the past.

6. You can affair proof your marriage – The truth is that you can try. Ultimately, you are only in control of your own actions. You can’t speak for your spouse or expect to control what they do. All you can do is play your part.

7. If no one found out, it does count – The truth is that it does count. What matters isn’t whether or not you were caught. What matters is that you betrayed your partner. Even if you are the only one who knows it.

8. Affairs can save relationships – This is the biggest lie that women in relationships with married men tell themselves. She tells herself that she is indeed helping save his relationship. The truth however is that while a relationship can survive an affair, an affair can’t be a means to save a relationship.