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Eight clear signs that you need to see a sex therapist

Your sex life may be racing downhill but you are not aware of it. Have you been wondering if you and your significant other need a little help in the bedroom? Yes? You probably do.

Here are the pointers so that you can be sure.

1. You can’t remember the last time you had sex – Can you remember the last time you had sex? No? You are in need of sex therapy. It doesn’t matter if you have been too busy or if you have been having problems in your relationship. If you can’t remember the last time you had sex, your relationship is at risk.

2. Feelings of guilt or shame – If your sex life is riddled with feelings of guilt or shame, perhaps it is time to see a sex therapist. Such feelings are a strong indicator of unresolved underlying issues. Dealing with these first is how you regain a healthy attitude towards sex.

3. Painful sex – This is a problem that many women experience but which most of them do not talk about. If you are experiencing pain during sex, you should see a sex therapist who will help you get to the root cause of the problem.

4. Fighting about sex a lot – Sex is a big component of a relationship and it is thus normal for couples to fight about sex. If sex is the only thing you are fighting about however, you could benefit from some sex therapy.

5. You are going through a life change – Often, significant life changes will affect your sex life. If you are going through a job loss, you are expecting a first child or perhaps a business startup has failed to take off, you may be in need of some sex therapy.

6. Sexual trauma – If one party has had a sexual trauma like rape in their past, then it is wise to seek sex therapy. Sexual trauma arouse emotions that have to be dealt with before one can have a normal, healthy sex life.

7. One of you doesn’t want sex – Every couple will go through periods where their sex drives do not match. This is normal. When one partner in a relationship stops wanting to have sex altogether, there is a problem. Seeking therapy will help you get to the core of it. It could be a wide range of reasons ranging from stress, to illness and hormonal fluctuations.

8. You want better – There doesn’t need to be that huge problem for you to see a sex therapist. If you and your partner both agree that there is room for improvement, then it is okay to see a sex therapist.