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Eight lessons to pick from Akothee’s ‘heartbreak’

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee has been in the public eye not only for her career as a singer and entrepreneur but also for her personal relationships.

While Akothee’s experiences have been public and at times controversial, there are valuable insights to be gained from her journey in navigating the complexities of personal relationships.

Her relationships offer lessons in independence, setting boundaries, self-worth, communication, family balance, resilience, authenticity, and self-care.

Here are some lessons we can learn from her experiences in relationships:

Prioritizing family

Akothee is a mother of five children, and her relationships have shown the importance of prioritizing family. Balancing a career and personal life can be challenging, but it’s essential to find a harmonious balance that supports both your professional and family responsibilities.

Independence and self-reliance

Akothee’s relationships have often showcased her independence and self-reliance. She emphasizes the importance of being financially stable and not depending solely on a partner for financial support. This lesson teaches us that it’s crucial to maintain our financial independence and security in any relationship.

Resilience and learning from mistakes

Akothee’s relationships have had their share of ups and downs. Her resilience and ability to learn from past mistakes are valuable lessons. It’s essential to recognize that relationships can be challenging, but each experience can be an opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement.


Akothee is known for her authenticity and being true to herself. This lesson reminds us to stay authentic in our relationships, not pretending to be someone we’re not. Authenticity can lead to more meaningful and genuine connections with others.


Akothee’s experiences underscore the importance of self-care. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. Prioritizing self-care ensures that you are in the best possible shape to nurture your relationships.

Setting boundaries

Akothee has been vocal about setting boundaries in her relationships. She emphasizes the importance of defining what is acceptable and what is not. Learning to set healthy boundaries is essential for maintaining a balanced and respectful partnership.

Self-worth and self-respect

Akothee’s relationships have highlighted the significance of self-worth and self-respect. She encourages women to prioritize their self-esteem and not tolerate mistreatment or disrespect from their partners. This lesson reminds us to value ourselves and seek relationships that honor our worth.

Communication and transparency

Effective communication is key to any successful relationship. Akothee’s experiences emphasize the importance of open and honest communication with one’s partner. Being transparent about one’s feelings, needs, and expectations can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

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