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Eight men who will never forget Mama Lucy Kibaki

Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki may be gone but her imposing image will forever remain etched on the minds of these eight men.

Here’s why:

1. Journalists Philip Mwaniki and John Muchiri

On May 1 2005, the two hacks who were just starting their journalism at the Nation Media Group, penned a scoop after then First Lady stormed a farewell party hosted by then outgoing World Bank country director Makhtar Diop.

Hell broke loose the following day as Mama Lucy stormed NMG newsroom demanding their arrests.

“My heart dropped, my jaw followed. Knees buckled and throat dried. Was this the end? I have never been so scared in my life. I knew my 20-year-old self was done – Nyayo House here I come. Then paranoia set in, I found myself peeping out of the windows to see if there was a SWAT team about to storm my house and take me in,” recalls Mwaniki.

The storm died a natural death and today, the two are polished entertainment journalists.

2. Makhtar Diop

The former World Bank country director had a taste of Mama Lucy’s wrath when she stormed his farewell event thrice at his rental house in Muthaiga in April 2005 demanding that the music be switched off.

Diop had even sought clearance from State House but that did not stop Mama Lucy from storming the function. It was a nightmarish exit for the WB man.

3. Matere Keriri

In January 2004, the former First Lady publicly embarrassed Mr Keriri when she refused to shake his hand at the airport as the First Family was returning from a holiday in Coast.

Eventually, Mr Keriri was kicked out of State House and dropped from the powerful position of State House Comptroller.

4. Mwai Kibaki

He has lost a loving wife and mother his four children, Judy, Jimmy, Daving and Tony. Like or hate her, Mama Lucy is credited for bringing up her children responsibly something that is rarely seen with privileged families.

5. State House MC

In 2008, Mama Lucy slapped a government official during Jamhuri Day State House celebration after he introduced her as Lucy Wambui, instead of Lucy Muthoni.

Mary Wambui (currently Othaya MP) was widely believed to be associated with retired President Mwai Kibaki, something he vehemently denied live on TV.

After the slap, the man was whisked away by President Kibaki’s security detail and new MC was found. Journalists covering the event were then forced to erase footage of the confrontation.

6. Ex-KTN cameraman Clifford Derrick

On the day she stormed NMG newsroom, Mama Lucy got so agitated with a cameraman who was filming that she pounced on him.

“After she stormed the newsroom, I rushed to take pictures and she furiously asked: ‘What are you doing? Are you taking pictures? Stop,’ then she slapped me, grabbed me, and we started to struggle as she wanted to take my camera,” Derrick told UK’s Guardian on May 4, 2005.

Derrick sued her for assault, but then Attorney General Amos Wako had it terminated twice by entering a nolle prosequi.

7. King’ori Mwangi

Then serving as Nairobi Provincial Police Officer, Mr Mwangi had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning that Mama Lucy stormed NMG newsroom and stand with her for hours as she made her case against the media.