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Eight most annoying habits of Nairobi husbands

A Nairobi man can make a good husband, a great one in fact. That said, there is an array of annoying habits and attitudes that most Nairobi husbands possess.

Here’s a look into some of them:

1. Flirtatious behavior – This has to be the most annoying attitude for women married to Nairobi men. Even the loyal and faithful ones flirt. Should you question him about it, he sees no problem at all in keeping his options open even when he is taken. This is not only annoying to the wife but it also demeans fidelity.

2. Grouchy attitude – Perhaps because of family pressures and the pressure that comes with living in a fast paced city, Nairobi men are very easily upset. He simply can’t take criticism especially from his wife.

3. A sense of entitlement – Some Nairobi men do not want to earn love and respect from their wives. They want to get it purely on the basis of  being husbands. This can be very annoying for a wife who is expected to earn hers.

4. Chauvinism – There is a new breed of men in Nairobi that is open to the reversal of gender roles. The majority though are still stuck on their traditional attitudes towards women and their roles around the home. This man will not change diapers, and when he is left to watch his children, he terms it as baby sitting, not parenting.

5. The marriage with their gadgets – The average Nairobi man is on his gadget a lot. Whether it is to follow up on the premier league, chatting with his friends or his side chick, the gadget is a constant fixture in his life. This means that the woman in his life gets little attention.

6. They don’t give cash – Nairobi husbands do not lax on their responsibilities. Having being raised in a patriarchal society, they have embraced their roles as the providers. They pay rent, buy food and pay school fees for junior on time.

The only crack in this seemingly perfect picture is that for some reason, he just will not give cash. The woman in his life interprets this to mean that she is not trusted enough.

7. Procrastinating – When it comes to fixing things around the house, he will keep pushing the dates. There is always something more gripping to be done like that football match or catching up with friends at the bar. This prompts his woman to keep reminding him to do this or that. He then labels her a nag.

8. Wanting to possess – Nairobi keeps you on your toes, both business-wise and career-wise. The Nairobi husband transfers this attitude to his relationship. He wants to own his woman. When out with her, he will not let her out of his sight for one moment. This might be charming in the initial stages of dating. In marriage, it is suffocating.