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Eight personalities that just can’t hold down a marriage

Just like not every romantic relationship is supposed to end with the walk down the aisle, not every person that gets to say ‘I do’ has the capacity to stay married.

Some personality traits make it near impossible for a marriage to survive. Here’s a look into some of them;

1. The ungrateful – After the first few months of marriage are over and the reality sets in, it’s the appreciation for each other that keeps a relationship going. When you are stuck with a partner who doesn’t appreciate the little things you do for them, a marriage can wear down fast.

2. The narcissist – The narcissist thrives on getting the light to shine on him. In doing so, he or she dims the lights of those around him. The reason marriage to one can’t survive is that a narcissist needs to break you down in order to thrive. Such a marriage will not be equal. In fact, it is abusive.

3. The critic – One of the reasons that people get into romantic relationships is for support. All forms of support. Your significant other ought to be your biggest supporter. Watch out for that man or woman who seems to be constantly waiting for an opportunity to put you down. If you are going to be married, you need to be on the same side.

4. The job hopper – We all know at least one of these. That man or woman who can’t hold a job for more than just a few months. They will be excited at first but will soon start giving reasons why they need to be somewhere else. This is usually a sign of deeper issues. Such a person may not be able to fully commit to a marriage.

5. The door mat – Kenya is a largely patriarchal society. Even then, no man wants to be a woman who is a push over. The same applies to women seeking love. Everyone wants a partner who at least has an opinion on things.

6. The side kick – Are you in a relationship with one of those people who want to spend every waking moment with you? Yes? They may not make for very good marriage partners. True, a couple needs to spend quality time together. When this means that they don’t spend any time apart so they can grow as individuals, it becomes toxic.

7. The extremely jealous – Jealousy, they say, is a sign of love. When it is excessive though, it hurts rather than helps a relationship. Do not make the mistake of thinking that marrying a jealous person will make their behavior stop. If anything, it makes their behavior worse.

8. The party bird – There is nothing wrong with going out every so often to let your hair down and unwind. Do not however think you can change that person who hits the club every day. If dropping by the club is part of their daily routine, they are unmarriageable.