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Eight reasons you should date a Nairobi bartender

I know, at a glance, the bartender might not seem like the ideal love interest. There are however a ton of reasons why bartenders make the best dates. Here’s a look into some of them:

1. The excitement – If you are looking for an exciting relationship, try having one with a Nairobi bartender. Nairobi has a very vibrant night life and the bartender is right in the middle of it. What is more alluring than getting with someone who is right in the middle of the action?

2. They like to make people happy – It is in the bartender’s job description. While at work, they are supposed to make sure that those that walk in are comfortable and happy. When someone has been doing this for more than just a few months, then it becomes their second nature. If you date a bartender, you can be sure that they will value your happiness.

3. Their maturity – Unlike the normal office desk which involves sitting behind a desk, bar-tending involves interacting with people. At work a bartender is actively involved. They spend their nights managing people. With time, this will feed their maturity levels. A bartender will know how to handle drama around your relationship.

4. Intelligent conversations – They spend all their free time making chit chat with customers. This means that the bartender has mastered the art of making conversation. He or she has learnt what intelligent conversation sounds like. If you date them, you can be sure that they will not spend the whole date talking about themselves. There will not be awkward silences either.

5. Their relationship views – Think about it, the bartender has seen it all. They have interacted with all types of people, they have had all kinds of people throw themselves at them. This means that a bartender’s relationship is one of the places they go to stay grounded. They may flirt at customers at work because it is part of their job but when they commit, it is real. Your relationship might be the only real thing in their lives and they will treat it as such.

6. They are not lazy – Bartenders work hard to earn every single coin they get. If you get together with one, you can be sure that you are not partnering up with a lazy person.

7. The perks – If you are foodie or if you love going out, then the bartender’s job comes with all these perks. You will get free entry into parties and events. If the bartender is well known, you may even get free trips out of it.

8. The spontaneity – They work in a highly electric environment meaning that they are more open minded. If you date a bartender, then you can be sure that they will never say no to adventure.