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Eight reasons to consider going commando this weekend

There are two types of women in Nairobi, those who wear underwear and those who go commando. If you fall in the former group, here is a look into reasons which may make you change your stance:

1. It is liberating – Yes, ditching underwear is also ditching all those problems that come with wearing underwear. First, it will save you all that time you spend worrying about what underwear to wear. Second and more important, you can finally say goodbye to the visible panty line worry.

2. Unwanted bacteria – Sometimes, your underwear is host to all those harmful bacteria in your privates. If you go commando then you won’t have to worry about keeping your private parts dry.

3. Less laundry – It is that simple. The less underwear you wear, the less of it you will have to wash. Going commando will significantly slash down your laundry pile.

4. Getting air down there – Going commando will let your lady parts breathe. It is a very comfortable feeling. Also try the same when going to bed and see how much better you sleep.

5. It is very sexy – Ditching the panties may be the very thing that saves a dwindling sex life. First, you will feel very sexy and very confident. Confidence reflects, when you start feeling good about yourself, so will your man.

6. Your pants will fit better – When you wear underwear, you have to pick which underwear goes with what pants. When you go without underwear, you have the advantage of having all your pants fit you comfortably. If you are lucky, you may even get to wear pants that are a size smaller.

7. You will say goodbye to wedgies – When you go commando, you will cease having those instances when your panties slip into your body crevices. When you start going commando, you will never have to sneak off to adjust your underwear.

8. It will save you money – Any Nairobi woman will tell you that good quality underwear does not come cheap. Going commando will in fact save you a significant amount of money. Money you can use to improve other areas of your life.