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Eight relationship resolutions every couple should be making

If you are in a relationship, it is that time of the year when you stop and look back at your relationship.

If you are in a relationship that is bad, decide once and for all to let it go.

If your relationship is progressive on the other hand, now is the time to add some spice to it.

Here are resolutions that will make your relationship better in 2016:

1. Compromise – A relationship can never be healthy if one partner is bending over backwards to accommodate the other. Compromising doesn’t have to be a grand gesture like giving up your job. It can be giving up the little things that you know annoy your significant other. Like hogging the remote.

2. Cook together – A lot of couples cook for each other and then eat together. Have you ever thought about enjoying the meal making process with your partner? Other than bonding, you might be surprised by how much you can learn from each other.

3. Praise and compliment – It is easy to make a list of the things that your partner hasn’t done or those things that they have done wrong. This is easy because we have standards we have set for them. This new year, try looking at the things that your significant other has done for you. Compliment them on those things that they do right.

4. Make them number one – True, life has many demands on our time. It is easy to put your significant other on the back burner and assume that they know how much you care for them. Change this in the New Year by making a conscious effort to make your significant other a priority.

5. Let the past go – Do you have that one thing that you are constantly fighting about? Most couples do. How about burying it in the past and starting a fresh this year? Give each other a clean slate this new year.

6. Grow common interests – Are you at that point where you feel as if you and your significant other no longer have anything in common? Yes? The great news is that it is possible to cultivate a common hobby. Find something that both of you love and spend time together pursuing it in the New Year.

7. Limit screen time – A lot of couples spend all of their time together staring at a screen. It can be a phone screen or even the television. Watching a movie together isn’t interactive. Try doing things together like walking or playing a sport or just talking and actively listening to each other.

8. Kiss for 10 seconds every day – You may not believe this one until you try it. Physical intimacy is vital for relationship growth. Make a habit of kissing your partner for at least 10 seconds daily and watch your relationship bloom.