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Eight statements you should never tell a Nairobi employer

Yes, it is a free country. When we come to work though, it isn’t so free. There are some things that even if they are right, should never be said at the work place.

Here is a look into statements that will undermine your standing at the work place, statements that just might leave you jobless:

1. This is the way that we have always done it – Maybe you got a new boss at the office who in your opinion is trying to stir things up. He or she is coming up with new ways of doing things that you do not like. What are you supposed to do? Have an open mind.

Insisting on doing things like you did in the past only makes you seem rigid and resistant to change both bad qualities for employment.

2. I hate this job – Not everyone gets to do the job that they are passionate about. Even if you are unhappy with your job situation, this is not a statement that you should be throwing around at the work place. It communicates the message that you are a negative person. No one wants to work with a negative person.

3. Its closing time – This one is just plain offensive to employers. Voicing the fact that your time is up this way communicates that you will only do the bare minimum. Considering the unemployment situation in Nairobi, it is wiser to take it up with your supervisor quietly. Communicate the long hours in a more pleasant language.

4. This may be a stupid idea but…- You must not start your sentences at work with this phrase. It usually discredits what you are about to say and sends out the message that you do not believe in yourself.

5. It’s not my fault – Team work at the work place is invaluable. The moment you start pointing fingers at your colleagues, you come off as someone that can’t be part of a team. It also undermines your ability to be accountable.

6. Sorry, but…- A lot of people apologize before saying something at work. This may be out of habit. What it does is take away from your credibility. It communicates that you doubt your abilities and that you are not confident about the space that you are taking up.

7. That’s not in my job description – Yes, in life, we are supposed to be careful so that other people do not walk all over us. When you say something is not in your job description, you come off as someone that is defying authority. It also sends the message that you are only willing to do the bare minimum.

8. I can’t – This maybe your truth. Maybe you truly have no idea how to accomplish a particular task. Saying ‘I can’t’ though might be interpreted to mean that you are not willing to do it. You are supposed to say what you can do or to say that you will find out how it is done.