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Eight surprising benefits of sleeping naked

January 31st, 2016 2 min read


Do you have some of those evenings when you just want to strip naked and slide in between your sheets? Yes? Then you have no reason at all to feel embarrassed about sleeping naked. If anything, you should do it more. Sleeping naked, it turns out has a horde of surprising benefits. Here is a look into some of them;

1. You will have better quality sleep – Sleeping in your birthday suit usually guarantees better quality shut eye. When you sleep naked, the body is able to regulate its temperature more efficiently. There will be no disruption of warming up caused by clothes meaning you will get to sleep more deeply.

2. It will boost your self-esteem – A lot of low self-esteem stems from the fact that a lot of people are not comfortable with their bodies. They wish that they were a little more of this or the other. Spending more time naked will aide in acceptance and subsequent confidence in their bodies. It will help you love yourself.

3. It keeps you young – Sleeping naked could be as effective in slowing down aging as any anti-aging pill. When you sleep in the nude, you allow the body to stay at the correct body temperature in which the growth hormone and the anti-aging hormones can function properly. It also allows your skin to breathe keeping it looking youthful and bright.

4. It keeps fungal infections away – Women especially are prone to fungal infections caused by constant warmth and moisture in their lady parts. Sleeping naked helps a woman keep her lady parts airy and dry thus keeping these infections at bay and your lady parts happy.

5. It increases your virility – Heads up gentlemen, sleeping naked will protect your fertility. Heat is the greatest enemy of sperm formation. It is the primary reason that the testes are located outside the body. Sleeping naked will keep the testes in the ideal temperatures required for sperm formation and storage.

6. A happier relationship – If you share a bed with your significant other, sleeping naked will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling relationship. Skin to skin contact sends the body into releasing the happy hormone oxytocin. It is also seductive meaning that the two of you will have more sex.

7. It keeps you active – People who sleep in pajamas tend to fall into the very unhealthy habit of changing into them as soon as they get home in the evenings. This means that they are unlikely to venture out of the house after this. You end up falling into the very unhealthy couch potato lifestyle.

8. It saves you money – Yes it will, especially in this very tough economic times. Think about it, if you take up the habit of sleeping naked, you will no longer have to budget for night wear.