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Eight surprising facts about the female orgasm

May 14th, 2016 2 min read

The subject of the female orgasm is riddled with a lot of myths and lies. We are going to dymistify the female orgasm with a look into some surprising truths about it;

1. It eases conception – This should come as good news to those who are trying to conceive. The muscle spasms that come with the female orgasm usually help her body to retain sperms. The contractions also help the body suck the sperm further up into her cervix.

2. Women fake it – This is not news. A lot of women fake orgasms. What is interesting is the reasons behind it. Other than it being an ego boost for the man, women fake orgasms as part of a subconscious mate retention strategy.

3. It is pegged on a woman’s sexual confidence – Whether an orgasm happens or not is all pegged on how woman feels about herself sexually. A woman who is more confident about her body is more likely to experience an orgasm than one who isn’t.

4. It is possible for every woman – There is a common myth out there that only certain woman can experience orgasm. The truth however is that physiologically, it is possible for all women to have an orgasm. Whether or not a woman actually orgasms is pegged on a host of other issues ranging from her mental state to how she feels about her relationship with her partner.

5. Condoms have no effect on it – There is that misguided belief out there that condom use affects the quality of sex. When it comes to the female orgasm however, this isn’t true. Condom use may in fact make it better and last longer.

6. It helps relieve pain – Yes, if a woman is having a headache, then she is better off having sex than avoiding it. Having an orgasm usually helps the body redirect pain. It can relieve all sorts of pain including joint pains brought about by arthritis. Part of this effect can be attributed to the sex hormone oxytocin which helps the body relax.

7. They get better with age – This should come as great news to that woman who is on the other side of 30. Female orgasms do get better with age. This is partly because of the fact that a woman becomes more aware of and freer with her body as she ages.

8. Pelvic floor muscles – If a woman has weak pelvic floor muscles, it is possible for her to have an orgasm and not even know it. Weak pelvic floor muscles weaken a woman’s orgasms. She will have them but she will not feel them. If she does feel them, they will be underwhelming. Looks like pelvic floor exercises bring a host of benefits to a woman.