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Eight things happy couples never do

January 17th, 2016 2 min read


It is one thing to be part of a couple. It is another to stay together happily. The latter requires hard work. To succeed in a relationship, there are things that you must never do, no matter what. Here’s a look into some of them;

1. They never compare – If you live in Nairobi, you probably know one of those perfect Facebook couples. The ones that make your relationship seem boring. If you want a happy ever after, you must stop comparing. Happy couples never compare their relationship with others. They enjoy their relationship.

2. They do not take themselves too seriously – Life can only be enjoyed if one is able to let their hair down every too often. Couples who do this are able to actually date each other and enjoy their life together.

3. One never walks ahead of each other – Walking in step might seem like a small thing but happy couples know that it isn’t. They never leave their partner behind and they are comfortable walking together and holding hands. Sharing a walk signifies companionship, walking out of step on the other hand could be a sign of power battles in the relationship.

4. They do not spend every waking moment together – Spending all your free time with each other might seem ideal but in an actual relationship setting, it is the opposite. Happy couples do not smother each other. They give each other space to pursue different hobbies and grow as individuals before they can grow together as a couple.

5. They never keep score– There are those couples who are always keeping a count of who is bringing what into the relationship. In addition to the fact that this is a very exhausting exercise, keeping score will almost always leave one disappointed. Couple-hood is team work. Only when you look at it this way, can you see the bigger picture which is the life that you are building for the both of you.

6. Never air their dirty linen in public – Happy couples fight but they never do it in public. When they are going through a patch, they lean in on each other. They never bad mouth each other to relatives or even close friends.

7. They never pat attention to the Kardashians – It is very easy to fall for the media’s portrayal of celebrity marriages. Even our local celebrity marriages can be deceiving. Happy couples do not fall for this fallacy. They understand that there is no such thing as the perfect couple. Knowing this keeps them actively working at making themselves better, not perfect.

8. They never give up – Even in the most perfect relationship, there are times when one or both the parties feel like they want out. The difference between these couples and those couples that split is that happy couples choose not to give up on their love.