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Eight things not to say during a fight with your significant other

Relationship experts will tell you that what matters in a relationship is not the frequency at which a couple fights but how they fight.

How you fight with your partner is what will determine whether or not your relationship will survive. Here is a look into some things that you shouldn’t say during a fight if you want your relationship to thrive;

1. I don’t care – This can be easily said out of anger but when said, it can undo an otherwise functioning relationship. When you say you don’t care, your significant other interprets this to mean that you are no longer invested in the relationship.

2. I hate you – Most of the time, when someone says this, what they really mean to say is that you hurt me. Even if it were true, these are very heavy words to say. Once out, they can’t be taken back.

3. Maybe we should just break up – You shouldn’t say this unless you actually intend to end the relationship. Threatening abandonment every time you and your significant other have a fight is unfair and it will kill your relationship.

4. If you loved me, you would… – This is manipulative. Do not tie in your partner’s duties with how they feel for you. Just say what you need them to do in no uncertain terms.

5. Do whatever you want – To start with, this statement is untruthful. If you were okay with your partner doing whatever they please, you wouldn’t be having this argument to start with. Secondly, when you say it, it insinuates that you are giving up on the relationship.

6. Whatever – When said during a fight, this statement is very dismissive. Your significant other will take it to mean that you no longer care about them or the relationship.

7. That is so ridiculous – When you say this, what your partner interprets it to mean is that their perspective is not valid. It is a very belittling statement.

8. You never/ you always – Speaking in such blanket term is also bad for your relationship. It is an indicator that all that your partner does right is lost on you.