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Eight things to do when the romance dies

Every relationship begins with a deep, hot passion. With time though, in some relationships, this passion dies. This can be a very bad place to be in a relationship. It is when most people begin considering leaving the relationship. It is when a lot of cheating happens.

What can you do when your relationship hits this low? Here’s a look into things that you can do when the romance in your relationship dies;

1. Start taking advantage of the technology – Life may have gotten busy and you may no longer spend as much time as you want with your partner but you can text them or call them all day long. Sexting especially will help bring back the romance.

2. The old fashioned way – If the texting and the calling doesn’t work, you could always go the old fashioned way. When was the last time you wrote your loved one a love letter?

3. Mix it up in the bedroom – This is an almost guaranteed way of bringing the romance back to your relationship. Have a quickie in the morning before work or whispery sex in the bedroom when the children are watching television in the sitting room.

4. Human touch – It is one thing to tell your partner that you love them and it is another to touch them lovingly. Give them little kisses and caresses all day long.

5. Space – They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. This is absolutely true. Maybe what you and your significant other need to bring sexy back into the relationship is a little distance. Take a small vacation apart.

6. Date often – It doesn’t matter that the two of you have been together for a decade. It is important that you keep dating your partner. Setting aside date time either weekly or monthly will help bring back the excitement.

7. Learn something new together – Have you always wanted to do Salsa or to learn a particular art? How about bringing your partner on board. Learning something new together would be a great way of bonding.

8. Play – Yes, play. Stop taking life too seriously. Pillow fight with your partner, run after them. Bring back the fun, playful you.