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Eight things that betray a cheating husband

Cheating may be a man’s game but this does not mean that he doesn’t make mistakes at it.


Fortunately for the woman, there will always be clues betraying his deception. If a woman pays attention, she may notice some of these:

1. The tone of his voice on the phone – A recent scientific study by researchers from Albright College in the US found that when they are romantically involved with someone, men alter the tone of their voices.

When a man is cheating, his voice will go several tones lower when he is talking with the other woman on the phone. His voice should be a dead giveaway. His voice on the phone with friends or family will be different with the one he uses on a woman he is romantically involved with.

2. His friends – The bro code is very strong. Men remain loyal to each other at all costs. If a man is cheating, his friends will stand by him. They will however also feel guilty about it so they will act awkwardly in the presence of his wife or girlfriend. If you want to know whether your man is cheating, watch how his friends behave around you. Are they behaving strangely? He is probably cheating.

3. His car – Men spend a great deal of time in their cars. If he is cheating she has probably been in his car too. Look into the stereo. Is it constantly playing songs that your man wouldn’t normally to? Yes? Then someone else has been spending time in there will him.

4. His eating habits – A cheating man will suddenly change his eating habits to light eating. Most dates with the other woman will involve either eating or drinking so when he finally comes home to you, his stomach will be full. If he is trying to hide his affair he may attempt to eat your food but the appetite will not be the same. Pay attention.

5. His mood swings – Women nag, they keep asking questions until they get the answer that they want to hear. For a cheating man, it can be overwhelming to keep coming up with excuses to account for his behavior and whereabouts. So he starts baseless fights instead so he will not have to answer her questions. Is your man suddenly moody? He could be cheating.

6. Her intuition – Women have been told that they are too irrational for too long that when her sixth sense tells her something is amiss, she doesn’t trust it. She should because when a man is cheating, the woman in his life will feel it deep in her belly. If your intuition is screaming that your man is cheating, he probably is.

7. Lots of gifts – Because of feeling guilty of his actions, a cheating man may suddenly start acting nicer to his woman. He might buy her flowers for no reasons, buy her gift or start taking her to expensive restaurants. This may also be as a result of the affair making him feel happier with his life.

8. Over explanation of things – A woman will want her man to share details of his life with her. If you notice however that your partner is too keen to give details of recent events, pay attention. Is he going into detail about who was there and the things that happened? Is he giving too much detail that the stories sound rehearsed? He is probably cheating and the stories are probably rehearsed.