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Eight things she thinks about your body hair

For the average man, the common assumption is that women like a man to be as masculine as possible. You assume that the woman in your life loves your body hair. This assumption is misguided.

Well, here’s a look into what she really thinks about your body hair;

1. Some women like it bare – Before you assume that your woman likes your body looking all bushy, care to find out. Some women want to really look at their men without the distraction that body hair brings.

2. There are those who like it – True, there are still women who like the bushy look. Before you wax all of it off, do the most important thing – find out her preference.

3. Watch the hygiene – Simply waxing or keeping it bushy because that is how she likes it is not enough. Body hair or not, good grooming is important to a woman. Keep it clean.

4. Certain parts – Then there are women who are very specific about body hair, about parts where it should be and where it shouldn’t. There is a woman who will prefer that you keep your chest hairy but you shave your pubes. All you need to do is make sure you understand her preference.

5. Before you wax …. – Before you go ahead and book that waxing session, it is wise to first find out if your woman waxes or not. If she doesn’t, then your waxing might make you come off as too feminine. This is not attractive to any woman.

6. Your facial hair – Your facial hair is the one that speaks the most about you, especially to women. Before you decide to go scruffy, to clean shave or to keep a goatee, first decide exactly what message you are trying to communicate. How do you want her to see you?

7. Before you go bald – True, there is a group of women, a large group of women out there who find the bald look very attractive. This look is however not for everyone. Before you shave off all of your hair, make sure the look suits you. Otherwise, it will be all downhill.

8. There are those who have no preference – Then there is the woman who swings both ways, the women who thinks little of your body hair. If you are lucky enough to meet this one, then you will be able to do whatever you please with your body hair.