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Eight tips to have a more erotic marriage in 2017

So your marriage is not bad, but it isn’t passionate either. The two of you love each other but over time, that spark, that sexual excitement has faded.

Here is a look into tips to bring the fire back into your relationship.

1. Shun those misconceptions about what is normal – The truth is that only you and your partners hold decide what is normal in the bedroom. Forget what you have heard and search for what both you and your partner enjoy regardless of whether others consider it normal or not.

2. Emotional intimacy – To improve your physical intimacy, you will need to first fix your emotional intimacy. Open your hearts up to each other. Share your deepest feelings. Listen when your spouse speaks.

3. Be playful – If you are going to have an erotic marriage in 2017, then you need not to lose your playfulness. Be lively, laugh, play with your significant other.

4. Get healthy – Go to the gym, start eating healthy or do any other thing which makes you healthy. Having a positive body image will definitely boost the way that your partners sees you. As a result, it will fan the sexual attraction.

5. Pleasure sharing – How about trying to make sex about the other person and just not you? How about trying to make it about your partner instead of just yourself? Give them a massage, touch them.

6. Mix it up – The reason that illicit sexual relations are so thrilling is because of the novelty of it. It’s new, it’s different. How about trying to make your intimate moments as new as possible. Do something different, try a different location.

7. Surprise them – Even those people who say that they hate surprises do not mind when it is sex related. Let him come home to find you with nothing one. Leave suggestive messages for him in places he doesn’t expect.

8. Role play – This is exciting. It will be like meeting each other all over again. Try it.