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Eight tips to impress the Nairobi woman without uttering a word

Nairobi has a vibrant dating scene. That said, for the Nairobi man seeking some romance, it takes some work to catch up with and nail a Nairobi woman.

Here are tips on how to impress her without even talking to her;

1. Beautiful women – One foolproof way to catch the eye of a Nairobi woman is to surround yourself with women – beautiful women. When she sees you like this, she sees you as the kind of man that beautiful women want to be around. You must have beautiful women in your life you can hang with. Your sisters and cousins perhaps?

2. Have a good time – This is fairly easy. Just go out there and whoever you are with, make sure that you are enjoying yourself. This will prompt the women looking up at you to want to join in the fun.

3. Show off your talent – Everyone has one. It could be your amazing singing voice or how well you can play the guitar. Whatever it is, embrace it and be proud of it.

4. Be the center of attention – To impress the Nairobi woman, you will need to impress other people around you. Be the most exciting and funny guy among your friends. If she notices others looking up at you, she will too.

5. Speak with your clothes – The clothes you choose can speak loads about you to that woman are you want to impress. Choose clothes that reflect the man you want her to see. If you have the physique for it, make sure that they are well fitting.

6. Master the art of making eye contact – A strong eye contact is an art that you will need to learn. It is about being confident enough to hold her gaze and knowing just how long to hold it so that you do not come off as creepy.

7. Be territorial – This is another body language secret that a man seeking to impress a woman will not go wrong with. Simply sit with your back leaning backwards and your legs spread out in front of you. A woman watching you will interpret this to mean that you are the alpha in the room.

8. Own your sexuality – Just like it works for women, a man’s sexuality is an asset. Own it. When in the company of women, touch their arms, the curve of their back. Any woman watching will know that you are comfortable with your sexuality.