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Eight tips to that perfect double date this weekend

The more, the merrier – this saying is often true when it comes to dating. Sometimes, you will have more fun with your love interest when there is another couple with you on your romantic date. Here are tips to planning that perfect double date;

1. Choose wisely – Do not go on a double date with just any couple. It is important that you choose wisely. Go for that couple who have a happy, healthy relationship. A couple whose relationship you would like to emulate. Not that couple that is in constant conflict.

2. Budgets – Money is an important aspect of dating. When choosing the location and the activities of the day, make sure that it is within both your means and also within the means of the other couple. Forcing them to overspend on a date will make it awkward and take the joy out of it.

3. Handle your alcohol – If you drink, then a little alcohol will lighten up the mood. You must however be aware of your alcohol intake. Having a little too much could end up ruining the night for everyone.

4. Don’t fight – It is impossible to find someone with whom you agree on everything. You might have differences of opinion either with the other couple of even with your partner. The double date is no place to fight. If you feel the tempers rising simply change the topic.

5. Inside jokes – Every couple has that secret language and those jokes that only the two of them can understand. There is no place for these on a double date. The main aim of it is to make everyone feel included. Include everyone in conversation.

6. It isn’t a competition – You mustn’t forget that the aim of the double date is to have fun. It isn’t to see which couple is happier or which one is better at what.

7. Proper dating behavior – As much as double dating is all about having fun, you will need to be on your good behavior on the date. Do not for instance, flirt with the other couple or have too much public displays of affection which might make the other couple uncomfortable.

8. Don’t stress – It is important to remember that the success or failure of this one double date isn’t directly connected to the success of your relationship. So do not waste a lot of time stressing over it, let your hair down and make sure to have some fun.