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Eight top turn offs for Nairobi Women

Every woman has a list of qualities that she desires in a man. Then there are the deal breakers.

New scientific research has unveiled attitudes and character traits that are bound to kill your relationship even before it starts.

This should come as good news for Nairobi men. If you know what women hate, then there’s still a chance of you fixing it.

Following a series of six studies, researchers from University of Florida in the US gathered these as the top deal breakers for women;

1. Disheveled or unclean appearance – Turns out that even women are also visual creatures. Top of their list of relationship deal breakers was how a man looks.

For the average woman, a man with a disheveled appearance doesn’t have a chance with her heart. Looks like its time men started applying the standards of appearance that they expect of women on themselves.

2. Lazy – A lazy man was also listed as a ‘can’t stand’ quality in a relationship. Interestingly, there was found to be a big difference between being lazy and being broke. You do not need to be filthy rich to warm your way into her heart. You however do need to be making an effort to get there.

3. Too needy – This is the man that is constantly seeking validation of his manhood. Are you that kind of man that changes his relationship status on Facebook after just three dates? You are needy and this could be the reason that you are still single.

4. Lack of sense of humor – Women love a man who is strong enough to take control of situations when she can’t. Turns out that she also wants to have a relationship with a man who has a soft side. A man who can laugh at her jokes and also make her laugh.

5. Lives more than 3 hours from her – When it comes to serious relationships, women do not fancy distant lovers. This could be pegged to the fact that woman love attention. If you are seeking to settle down, the wise thing would be to seek out a woman who lives within three hours of you.

6. Bad sex – Sex is important to a woman- all women.

7. Anger issues – In a relationship setting, a man is supposed to make a woman feel safe. A man who has anger issues makes her feel anything but safe.

How a man deals with his anger could be the difference between him being lonely and having an happily ever after with a woman. Are you the kind of man that ignores a woman for a week because she was five minutes late to a date? You have anger issues.

8. Too much TV or video games – It is official gentlemen, women do not like TV watching men. Too much television is interpreted to mean you will not pay attention to her or make her feel loved. How about ditching the TV to explore the world with her.