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Eight underwear hacks that every Nairobi woman should know

Underwear seems like the most basic piece of clothing to a woman. Underwear is however definitely much more complicated than it looks. Here are things that every woman should know about her underwear:

1. Invest in comfort – Wearing sexy underwear can give a woman a lot of confidence. What no one might have told you is that it is even more important that you go through your day feeling comfortable. When it comes to underwear, make sure to choose comfort over fashion.

2. Organize them – Yes, there are even organizers created for this specific purpose. Do not just dump all your underwear in one drawer. Do some sorting and organizing. When you know exactly what is where, it will save you some time in the mornings.

3. The color scheme – Panties and bras often come in bright colorful sets. The fact that a lot of women ignore is that these ones show right through your clothes and can ruin that perfectly put together outfit. How about investing in more neutral sets instead?

4. Buy in bulk – Buying several sets of underwear is more cost effective than buying one or two at a time. Also, the more they are, the longer they will last.

5. Lay it out – Every night, before you turn in, you lay out the clothes that you want to wear the next day, right? It should be the same as your underwear. It shouldn’t be just something you throw on in the morning, you should pick it out and lay it out just like you pick and lay out your clothes.

6. The right support – You need to start looking at underwear as the base for your whole outfit. How your outfit turns out all depends on what you are wearing underneath. Do not hesitate to invest in the right support.

7. Which ones are good for your health? – While they may look good, some panties are bad for a woman’s vaginal health. Make sure you know which ones and steer clear of them. One day of looking good is not worth weeks of an incessant fungal infection.

8. Give your shoulders a break – When shopping for bras, make sure you mix the strapped ones with the strapless. The latter will ensure that you give your shoulders a break.