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Eight unrealistic expectations that the Nairobi man has of women

It is a good thing to have expectations and standards when it comes to the opposite sex. This is because without a bar then you will settle for the first woman that looks your way. This woman may not be good for you.

Expectations are however only good if they are realistic. Here’s a look into some unrealistic expectations that the Nairobi man has of women;

1. Looking good without spending time doing it – The Nairobi man insists that he wants to be with a woman who is keen on grooming. He wants a woman who takes care of her appearance. Still, he complains that she spends too much time in front of the mirror.

2. To be skinny but curvy – The Nairobi man loves curves on a woman. The interesting thing is that he doesn’t want her to have any body fat either. This type of body is near impossible for the average African woman.

3. To sense his mood changes – Yes, the Nairobi man is moody. The interesting thing is that he never wants to talk about his feelings but expects the woman in his life to somehow just be able to decipher them.

4. To be a corporate woman and a homemaker – What the Nairobi man seems oblivious of is the fact that it is near impossible to be both a high flying career woman and a perfect homemaker. She can try but she can’t do both perfectly.

5. The made up but natural look – The Nairobi man insists that he hates make up on his woman. Still, while out on the streets he ogles at the made up women. He expects his woman to balance that natural looking make up look.

6. Being independent while and affirming his masculinity at the same time – The Nairobi man does not hesitate to declare his love for the independent women. At the same time, he wants to feel needed. He wants a woman to adequately take care of herself and her household while at the same time making him feel needed.

7. Being low maintenance but looking expensive – The Nairobi man always wants his woman to look as if she just stepped out of a magazine cover. At the same time, he is always complaining about how vain she is and how much money she spends on her looks.

8. Being committed but not wedding crazed – The Nairobi man wants a committed woman, a ride or die woman. Commitment for a woman is usually followed by thoughts of taking that walk down the aisle. The Nairobi man doesn’t understand this. He wants her to be committed but to not think about the wedding.