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Eight vital sex tips for the plus size women

For a fulfilling sex life, what every woman needs to do is to take charge. Being a plus size woman however comes with a unique set of challenges and insecurities.

Here are intimacy tips for that curvy girl;

1. Your body image – In a society where women are constantly hearing that they should look in a certain way, it is easy for a plus size woman to have body image issues.

What most do not know is that your partner sees you the way you see yourself. Stop complaining about the rolls and the big tummy.

Act as if you are the most beautiful woman in the world and this is how he will see you. Don’t point out your flaws, your partner probably doesn’t see them.

2. Pillows, pillows, pillows – In bed, pillows are a curvy woman’s best friend. Pillows help distribute a chubby woman’s fat better and help her have a more fulfilling experience.

3. Practice being naked – Are you one of those women who hurriedly put on their clothes so that they do not have to see their naked bodies? Then you need to take some time to practice loving your naked body.

Allow yourself to feel sexy by thinking sexy thoughts. Stand in front of the mirror naked and appreciate your body. Buy outfits that make you feel sexy. This builds your confidence. Any man will tell you that there is nothing sexier than a confident woman, regardless of her size.

4. Eat light – Having a heavy, fatty meal just before intimacy will make you feel heavy and sluggish and will kill your sex drive. Try having lighter meals spread throughout your day to give you that constant buzz of energy that you need. If you must have a heavy meal, then have it after.

5. Shop for delicates with him – Every woman will have those days when she isn’t feeling too good about herself. A plus size woman may have more of these days. Try taking your man along to the lingerie shop on these days. Have him watch as you shop for those bras or stockings or see through lingerie. This leads to build up in anticipation resulting in a boost in your sex life.

6. Fantasize – The gift of fantasy is ready for any woman that doesn’t like how she looks. During intimacy, you can fantasize yourself to be whoever you want to be. Try dimming the lights and allowing your fantasies to give you that fulfilling experience.

7. Experimenting – Sometimes, body weight can get in the way of a woman enjoying her sexual life. This however doesn’t mean that you should write yourself off.

It is up to you and your partner to keep trying until you find a position that suits you. Try even those positions that you are not entirely sure that you will enjoy, you might get surprised.

8. Don’t cover up – The first instinct of a woman who isn’t confident with her body during intimacy is to try and hide her body. What this does is take away from the experience. Instead of covering up, concentrate on the experience.