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Eight vital tips for ladies dating the single dad

Sometimes, the man that you fall in love with will have a child or two from a past relationship. Dating a single father is different from dating a single, childless man.

Here’s a look into tips that will help you navigate a relationship with a single father;

1. Don’t try to mother – The first thing you are going to learn to do is to resist the urge to mother his children. Do not try to be their mother, just be a partner to your man.

2. Don’t play games – More often than not, the single father will have his hands full. This means that he has absolutely no time to play games. You are going to need to say exactly what you mean.

3. Give up the number one spot – Another thing about dating the single dad that you will need to understand from very early on in your relationship is that his children come first – always. This means that you come after that. Don’t stress though, there is enough room for all of you in his heart.

4. Plans will not be cast on stone – When you are dating a single father, plans are going to be changed at the last minute. When you have children, there are bound to be last minute emergencies. These will require you to be flexible, to be able to change or postpone your plans.

5. The ex – If a man is raising children on his own, chances are that there is an ex out there somewhere in the shadows. If the two of you are going to have a successful relationship, you are going to have to respect his need to talk to her.

6. Take time for you – You can’t have a successful relationship with a single father if you are one of those women who do not know how to enjoy their own company. He is going to have his hands full a lot of the times so a clingy woman will not do.

7. Have fun – Any relationship with a man who is raising children will be a serious relationship. This however does not mean that you forget how to have fun. Let your hair down every so often. Remind him how to have fun.

8. A lean wallet – If you are seeking to enter into a relationship for financial support, a relationship with a single father might not be what you need. This is because after looking after his children, the single father might not have a lot of disposable income.