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Eight ways to be the most alluring man in the room

Men thrive on competition – that is not news. Every man you brush shoulders with on the street is in a competition with another to either better his life… or for a woman’s attention.

The good news is that being the most alluring man in a room is an art that can be learnt. Here is a look into a few tips;

1. Intelligence – You do not need to have a PHD to come off as intelligent. Every man however needs to have something that he is truly passionate about. Pick a topic you love and learn as much about it as you can. You should be able to hold your own in a conversation regarding this topic.

2. Learn to cook – You do not need to learn how to cook like a chef in a five star hotel. It is however a big plus if you can learn to make one or two decent meals. Learning to cook will open you up to different kinds of food which is the gateway to learning different cultures. It is also a great conversation point.

3. Learn to dance – One big secret that a lot of men do not know is that women often subconsciously equate a man’s ability to dance with how good he is in bed. Learn a move or two.

4. Have two or three good stories – Even comedians do not just walk on stage, they rehearse their jokes. The art of storytelling is something that you may have to learn. One or two interesting stories that will make any audience laugh is a gold mine.

5. Concentrate on enjoying your company – The man who is most worried about impressing the people that he is with is the one who ends up being the one that is least impressing. How about forgetting about what other people think and instead concentrate on enjoying the company at hand?

6. Be extremely masculine – The most alluring man in the room for a woman will not be the man with most beauty products than she.

7. Be interested – The most alluring man in the room isn’t the one who is self-absorbed but one who is interested. Engage the others in conversation, be interested in the view point of someone else rather than yourself.

8. Live an interesting life – This is the easiest way to become the most alluring man in the room. If you lead an interesting life, then you will automatically become an interesting person to be around. Others will crave your company.