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Eight ways to say no to sex without hurting your partner

Even those in the happiest relationships sometimes are not up for intimacy. Sex is a sensitive relationship subject.

How do you tell your partner that you do not want to have sex? The trick usually is saying it without hurting their feelings.

Here is a look into a few tips.

1. Advance notice – Other than waiting to say no in the heat of the moment, it is better to give your partner some notice in advance. If you are feeling exhausted, tell them this earlier in the day. This spares them too much disappointment.

2. Say what you want – There are those times that you are not in the mood but you could be if you got a little jump start. Instead of just saying no, tell your partner exactly what you want.

3. Take a rain check – Sometimes, just because you are not feeling up to it right this moment doesn’t mean that you will not at all in the course of the day. Instead of taking sex completely off the table, you can wait to see if this feeling changes.

4. Give an explanation – Just saying no to sexual advances from your partner is rude and may negatively affect your relationship. It is okay to say no but when you do, make sure to give an explanation. You owe your partner that.

5. Give an alternative – Instead of just saying no, try suggesting another time when you might be up for some intimacy. This will not only save your partner some disappointment, it will also give them something to look forward to. This will keep the spark burning in your relationship.

6. Get close – Just because you are not up for sex doesn’t mean that you can’t get intimate with your partner. It is a good idea to let them know that you still feel connected to them. Try inviting them for a cuddle.

7. Don’t force it – Whatever you do, do not force yourself to have sex with your partner when you do not feel like it. This is because while it may work in the short term, forced sex begins to feel like a task and might breed resentment.

8. Avoid situations where it could arise – If you are not feeling up for it, you could also avoid situations where it could arise. Do not wear lingerie to bed or act seductively all evening if you know that you are to