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Eight ways to please the Nairobi man

January 16th, 2016 2 min read


They say that the fastest way to man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true. The Nairobi man is however a very interesting breed. Good food might not be enough buttering up for him. Here are a few things you can try;

1. Wash his car – The Nairobi man loves his toys, he values his car. If you can take care of his toys then you can get through to him. You do not need to wash his car every day or do it in a bikini like we see in the movies. Just wash it and your act will not go unnoticed.

2. Watch football with him – This will not work if you are the woman who knows nothing about football or the one who interrupts every 5 minutes to ask questions. Try learning a thing or two about his favorite sport. All it takes to please him is showing some interest in the things that he is most passionate about.

3. Honor his mother – If you are married to a Nairobi man, the quickest way to warm his heart over and over is through his mother. He loves his mother. She probably means more to him than anyone else in his life. If you are good to her and you treat her with respect, he notices and he will hold you in very high regard for it.

4. Keep quiet – No, there’s nothing wrong with how you talk or even with your opinions. It’s just that for him to be the masculine man that you want in your life, every so often, a man needs some quiet to recharge. If he seems unusually quiet, do not badger him with questions. Just let him be for a little while.

5. Touch – It may surprise you to know that the average man wants to cuddle just as much as a woman. Cuddle him back, find out through trial and error the kind of touch that he likes. Surprise him with a kiss every so often.

6. Walk around wearing his clothes – Men love the sight of the woman they love walking around wearing his clothes. There is something about the ill fit that they find totally irresistible. Try it.

7. Become his fantasy – I am not saying that you change who you are for him. But try surprising him every once in a while with his sexual fantasies. Be that girl he thinks about when all the lights are off and the curtains are drawn. If you do not know his fantasies, try experimenting with him.

8. Let go of the remote – Men like to be in control. All men. How about letting him have control of the remote control for a month? Or ask him for advice. It shows that you look up to him and that you value his advice. This is a huge ego boost for any man. It is especially ideal for a man living in a city that is as competitive as Nairobi.