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Eko Dydda, the ‘Ghetto President’ drops political bombshell

While most artistes are playing political tunes in order to cash in on campaign money, Eko Dydda has taken a stun political stand with a message to the youth.

In this political season most musicians have come up with songs swaying one side or the other and playing it safe in interviews, but not Eko Dydda.

The musician who is popularly known as the Ghetto President has often openly spoken about tribalism and politics. In a recent exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the Groove Award winner didn’t mince words either.

“If you are choosing a players to go to the World Cup you won’t pick weightlifters just because they are your friends. You will pick the best players regardless of their race, tribe or nationality. In the same way, lets pick leaders because they are the best regardless of tribe,” he said.


In his view, we have all along been picking weightlifters to our football team and that is why they keep lifting goalposts instead of scoring goals.

He also advised the youth to change how they have been choosing leaders if they want to see real change in Kenya.

Even as political bigwigs traverse the country urging Kenyans to vote 6-piece, Eko Dydda has warned the youth against voting for a party.

“There is no budgetary allocation for a party or tribe. Don’t vote for a party, it won’t build roads or bring development. Vote for leaders who can manage public funds,” he says.