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Ekuru Aukot: Azimio should compensate business owners following demos

Thirdway Alliance party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot has said it will push a petition for the compensation of business owners whose businesses were affected by demonstrations in several parts of the country on Monday.

Many business were affected by the demonstrations by Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leaders and their supporters to pressure the government to lower the cost of living.

“We intend to file a public interest petition seeking compensation for losses to private citizens and business entities occasioned by the reckless actions of the said politicians and their political parties,” Dr Aukot said in a statement.

Dr Aukot has said Azimio leaders must take responsibility and bear the blame and cost of any acts of vandalism and destruction of property and must be held to account for any casualties arising from their unlawful actions.

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“The current disruption of economic activities in the Nairobi Central Business District and other areas must be quantified and borne by Raila Odinga, Martha Karua, Kalonzo Musyoka, Jeremiah Kioni, ODM and Jubilee, Wiper, Narc Kenya and other Azimio la Umoja constituent parties,” Dr Aukot.

Dr Aukot said while Article 37 of the Constitution provides for the right of peaceful demonstration, it does not grant organizers and participants to engage in hooliganism, adding that the instigators of the demonstrations must pay every coin that has been lost in the protests.

“The demonstrations organized by the Right Honorable Raila and a cabal of self-seeking political demagogues reeks of economic sabotage and are deliberately designed to aggravate an already limping economy,” he said.

Dr Aukot added the Azimio leadership not only paralysed economic activities in Nairobi and other towns but has unconstitutionally declared Monday Mrrch 20th a public holiday.

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“This contravenes Article 2(2) of the Constitution, which states: No person may claim or exercise State authority except as authorized under this Constitution,” he said.

The party leader said that at the moment, the majority of Kenyans can hardly afford a single meal per day and no sensible political leader should attempt to worsen the current economic situation.

Also, Dr Aukot stated that the protest by the Azimio in defiance of the legitimate government of President William Ruto is against the ruling by the Supreme Court that stamped the presidential results.

“While Mr Odinga and his cabal allege that their election was stolen, nothing could be further from the truth, since the disputes relating to the presidential elections were settled by the Supreme Court and such spurious allegations must be condemned by all right-thinking Kenyans.”

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