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Elachi: Take steps to cushion vulnerable Nairobians before lockdown

Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has asked the national government to put in place necessary measures to cushion vulnerable Nairobi residents before implementing a lockdown in the capital.

While supporting an eventual total lockdown, Elachi suggested a week-long lockdown would help minimise the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the county.

Nairobi was declared the epicenter for Covid-19 with at least 60 confirmed cases out of the 142 that were announced by the government on Sunday being in the capital.

She pointed out that majority of Nairobians are not adhering to the guidelines meant to tame the virus by gathering in markets and not wearing masks.

“People are not taking the necessary precautions and following guidelines by the government. If Nairobi residents can put on masks, have sanitisers and observe social distancing then there will be no need for a lockdown,” said Ms Elachi.

“But now that they have refused, the government can enforce a one week lockdown then make it mandatory for people to wear mask thereafter,” she added.

But Elachi urged the government to protect the vulnerable in the city in case of such an eventuality by ensuring suficient food and water is available for the full period.

“Let the government introduce a relief food card that will be used for picking food. This will ensure that every family gets food and no one is left out during the distribution of food to the vulnerable families,” she said.

The speaker said the earlier such measures are put in place the better as they will save lives considering the country is approaching the cold season of July to August.

“Let it be a responsibility of every person to lockdown for the sake of themselves and their families as you know we do not have a capacity as a country to build hospitals with bed capacities as the developed countries,” advised the Speaker.