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Eldoret court rejects man’s request for Sh50k ‘side-chick’ refund

An elderly Eldoret trader has expressed his disgust upon realising that the Small Claims court cannot help him claim back Sh50,000 that he says he gave his girlfriend who then dumped him for another man.

The 75-year-old man who did not want to be named claimed he funded the woman’s mobile phone shop in Eldoret town for Sh50,000.

He said the 24-year-old woman had promised to be his mistress but after establishing the shop, she dumped him for a young man of her age.

“I funded her with Sh50,000 to start a Mpesa shop and she assured me that she will stick with me,” claimed the disturbed man.

The man said apart from Sh50,000 capital for Mpesa shop he has also been funding the woman with other basic needs including taking her on night outs where they have been spending a minimum of Sh10,000 per weekend.

His effort to file the claim at the small claims court was futile since he did not have documents to confirm his allegations.

A clerk from the court who did not want to be named said the man did not even have communication data between him and the said lady to ascertain if the Sh50,000 was a loan or a reward.

“It hard for us to initiate such a case since the complainant did not have documents to confirm his allegations,” said a court clerk on anonymity.

The junior court official requested that the press not name the man as it will cost his marriage.

The disturbed man said he has learned his lesson the hard way as he vowed never to offer more than Sh5,000 to a side chick without a formal agreement.

The man urged the court in the future to consider including such claims in the court.

He also warned women against abusing favors they get from men.

“It is bad for this young woman to pretend they love you when they know they are only after your money and not love,” added the old man.

Early last month an Eldoret magistrate in charge of a small claims court cautioned men against filing claims of women eating their money if they do not have communications indicating whether the money given was in the form of a loan or appreciation.

The magistrate also said his court has no jurisdiction to preside over cases revolving around women eating fare from men.

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