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Eldoret teen detained for allegedly defiling girl, 8 and boy 10

An Eldoret Court has ordered the detention of a 14-year-old boy suspected of defiling two other minors – a boy and a girl aged eight and 10 years respectively.

According to the investigating officer, the suspect has a record of defiling minors in his locality. It is alleged that he had previously defiled six other minors in the same area before his arrest.

Appearing before Resident Magistrate Rodgers Otieno, the minor was not allowed to take a plea due to a requirement in the law that he must have a lawyer to represent him.

The Magistrate who appeared to be concerned about the future of the minor in conflict with the law told State Counsel Meshack Rop that there was a need to ensure the minor was represented by a lawyer before taking plea, to which the State Counsel was in agreement.

“Looking at the case and the person being accused, it is not in order to go on and charge him without a representation of a lawyer,” stated the Magistrate.

Mr Otieno ordered the court executive officer through the Court Users Committee to help the minor get a pro bono lawyer.

The court further directed the minor to be taken to the hospital for an age assessment to ascertain his age before being charged.

In November 2023, a Molo Court sentenced a teen found guilty of defiling a 14-year-old to 20 years in jail.

The minor was found guilty of the offence allegedly committed on March 5, 2023, in Lelechwet village in Kuresoi South.

While sentencing the minor, Resident Magistrate M W Kamau noted the minor was convicted as per Section 239 of the Children’s Act, which deals with various sentences that can be meted out in cases where a minor is in conflict with the law.

The minor told the Magistrate he was comfortable being taken back to the rescue centre, saying that life there was better than his home.

The magistrate said he was concerned about the presence of a child in his court as an accused person. He ordered the minor to be detained at the Eldoret Rescue Centre for five days as a lawyer is sourced to represent him.

“I direct this file to be taken to the court executive to help us get a lawyer to represent the minor due to the nature of the offence alleged to have been committed,” ordered the Magistrate.

The minor is alleged to have committed the offence between March 23 and 24 at Jerusalem estate in Moiben Sub-County.

The matter will be mentioned on April 12.