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Why you need an electro facial done every month – VIDEO

Facial procedures are recommended to help rejuvenate the skin as well as open up the pores for better blood circulation and absorption of products.

Mike Mwatha, a beauty therapist at Lintons, urges clients to seek professional facial services and recommends the electro-therapy facial as it ensures better absorption of products.

Due to the use of electric currents, the breaking down of fat cells is faster and in the end extraction is easier and more effective as a client is left with smoother skin.

“Another advantage of electro-therapy is that unlike other types of facials, it makes your skin thicker as opposed to scrubbing and micro derma abrasion which thins the skin,” says Mr Mwatha.

Electro-therapy facials function through polarity, they involve the use of either positive or negative poles to create the desired effect.

For galvanic treatments which are most common, one goes through a process of cleaning the face using negative polarity which also breaks down oil.

The next step involves the placing of alkaline products deep into the pores and the last step is placing acidic products into the skin to take it back to its normal pH.


Frequent facials are healthy for the skin as it regenerates every 21 to 28 days leaving dead skin that ought to be removed.

“I do not believe in home facials as professional beauty therapists are able to observe the skin and use products that can deal with the different issues ranging from acne, black head, white heads and dark spots,” says Mr Mwatha.

Electro-therapy facials are not done on pregnant women, people with heart conditions of high blood pressure as well persons with diabetes or those having metal implants.

The facial helps treat acne as well especially the use of high frequency by placing a glass tool directly on the skin.

Acne and dark spots are very common among Kenyan women owing to environmental factors like too much sun, hormonal imbalance and pricking of pimples that results to the dark spots.

“Pimples should never be pricked at home, always seek the services of a beauty therapist to have them removed in sterile conditions,” says Mr Mwatha.

Depending on a client’s skin issue, facials can be recommended weekly or in two weeks but for people with normal skin that is not prone to breakouts a facial every month is recommended for healthy looking skin.