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‘Elephant girl’ Kahumbu now given 21 days to return whatever she owes KWS

The Kenya Wildlife Service has given WildlifeDirect CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu 21 days to surrender the property she was supposed to surrender 17 years ago during clearance as she left the organisation.

In a letter dated 18 February, 2020, Kahumbu is required to surrender the service properties and also settle all the outstanding liabilities.


According to KWS, the conservationist was required to return a camping light, Hirola Task Book, Environmental Management in Kenya Book, Olympus Digital Camera S.No. 50137244 and Staff ID Card worth Sh500.

She was also told to pay for a telephone bill for her former institutional house worth Sh23,754.20, un-surrendered imprest of Sh124,000 and one month’s salary in lieu of notice of Sh230,000.

“You were reminded of this situation way back vide letter ref: KWS/5905 dated 1st April 2004, (copy attached) which was not responded to and the service hasn’t heard from you on the matter since then to date,” said Brg. (Rtd) J. M. Waweru, KWS Director General.

This comes after Dr Kahumbu claimed on Wednesday that KWS had banned her from Kenya’s national parks, a claim they have since denied.


“Banned from the Kenyan parks will not stop me from fighting 4 them. Many ppl r asking how they can help. My message to you is Go to the parks on my behalf. Make ur visit public on social media, report to @kwskenya on the good, & the challenges. Show how much u care,” she tweeted.

However, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) Head of Communications Paul Udoto said he was unaware of such a ban on Dr Kahumbu.

“I am not aware of any ban yet. Please ask Paula to provide you with the evidence of her claim and any reasons given to her for the alleged ban,” Udoto told Nairobi News in a text message.

Dr Kahumba who was recently at the forefront of a campaign against hosting of Koroga Festival at Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha had sued to stop KWS and organisers the festival but lost the case and it was eventually held at the park last weekend.

Dr Kahumbu is yet to respond to our messages if there is any truths to what KWS claims.