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Elon Musk buys Twitter for Sh5 trillion, What else could he do with the money?

Twitter has confirmed it is selling the micro-blogging platform to the world’s richest person Elon Musk in a stunning deal valued at Sh5.1 trillion ($44 billion).

The shocking move had many Kenyans wondering: what else could Musk spend the cash on?

Nairobi News sat down and cranked some numbers and thought we could provide some options in case Twitter’s board decides they don’t like the offer.

Kenyan Budget: Musk could pour the trillions and fund the Kenyan budget for almost two years.  Kenya’s budget is derived from taxes, and entails funding primary and secondary education, health care, renovation and improvement of infrastructure, paying civil servants, plus funding the activities of the President and his Deputy.

Machakos City: The cash could build two modern metropolis in Machakos. The county’s outgoing governor Alfred Mutua described in 2015 as the Dubai of Africa, with an eight-kilometre track for Formula One racing, high-end luxury apartments, exclusive shopping malls, and a city with a man-made lake.

Nairobi Expressway: The money can fund at least 52 Nairobi Expressways in the country. The Nairobi Expressway is almost complete is being built at a cost of Sh89 billion. It’s a modern 27-km highway, most of which is elevated that passes through Kenya’s capital city.

Education: Musk’s finances meant for the acquisition of Twitter can fund the Kenyan education sector for the next five financial years. The education sector as per the 2022/2023 budget stands at Sh544.4 billion.

Military: At Sh317.8billion a year, the money that the richest person in the world will spend to buy Twitter, can fund Kenya’s military for at least for the next 15 years.

Safaricom: The billionaire can buy and fund three Safaricom equivalent companies and still get some change. Safaricom captialisation is currently valued at $15.4 billion (Sh1.7 trillion).

Other Kenyans took to Twitter and offered the controversial billionaire other ideas, with a majority wanting him to buy the Country.