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Elsa Majimbo bashed for publicly blasting KQ

Elsa Majimbo has hit out at Kenya Airways for ferrying her in a ‘small’ plane akin to the one used for domestic flights and leaving her luggage behind while at it.

The teenage comedian also wondered why the national carrier could not publicly apologize for the luggage mishap and urged other travelers to avoid using KQ ‘if they can’.

“Today morning @KenyaAirways left my luggage in another country cause the weight couldn’t enter the plane….jsksjksjkk! WHAT!?! I was told this after I waited for my bags for 30 MINS!!,” she explained.

“No apologies were issued. The plane was incredibly small it looked like a domestic flight one. I would not recommend this airline tbh . For travelers avoid it if you can”

KQ has since apologized for the incident and assured her that she will be reunited with her luggage.

“Hi Elsa, we’re sorry for the delay of your luggage. Allow us to follow up on this, to ensure that you’re reunited with your luggage soon.” It tweeted.

Majimbo’s comments however did not go down well with a majority of Kenyans who reminded her that she was not the first person to temporarily lose luggage on board KQ.

One follower even reminded her that former US President Obama lost his luggage during his first visit to Kenya.

Ugandan socialite-turned-businesswoman Zari Hassan was also not happy with KQ after her expensive perfumes were allegedly stolen from her baggage.

“So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes I received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am I supposed to wear for my meeting?” she wondered then.

Molo Member of Parliament, Kuria Kimani, was among those who confronted the comedian for bashing the airline.

“This could mean loss of thousands of jobs for employees of the airline. I have used many global airlines and missing a piece of luggage happens quite often, “the MP tweeted.

Here are a few comments from Kenyans on the subject.

Against her

On her side