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Elsa Majimbo claims she was racially profiled in airplane first class

America-based Kenyan comedian and social media influencer Elsa Majimbo hopped onto TikTok to claim that she had experienced racial profiling as she settled into her seat in the first class of an American airline plane.

The video began with Ms Majimbo showing a video clip of a passenger disrespecting air hostesses on a Qantas flight in Australia as he told the women to get out of his face before he was allegedly kicked off the plane.

“I would highly recommend watching that video because flight attendants have been taking the p*** and making passengers look crazy.

I had a very racist encounter at Delta where I was the only black woman sitting in first class and I entered last because I was like working.

And the flight attendant comes up to me and he says ‘I don’t know if you upgraded your seat or something but I don’t have your meal.’

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I literally told him he was so rude because he would have literally never, ever spoken to the other white, old passengers like that and when I told him that, he was like ‘oh, like if you don’t want to be here I’ll kick you out of the flight’ and he as literally making me look insane but he would have never spoken to anyone else like that.

He would have asked ‘what meal would you like? Would you prefer this? Can I give you the menu?’ A lot of them are being rude just because they can be…” claimed Elsa.

In the comment section, she elicited mixed reactions, as sampled below by Nairobi News:

“I’m white and it’s not hard to notice how racist flight attendants are,” said one user.

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“Thank you Elsa Majimbo. That was me and my young family. We had to sadly leave the flight at 1 am,” said Zakir Slaimankhel, the man in the Qantas airline video Majimbo had shared at the beginning of her video.

“Air France tries the same thing with my mom. She flies first class for business, they often claim they don’t have a meal for her,” added Sweet Bee.

“This! I was in 1st class and the attendant was sooo rude to me even though I was the only one smiling and saying please/thank you with service,” said Olivia Louise.

“As an airline employee, I see in flight doing this a lot. They claim someone has an attitude or is being verbally abusive so they can be kicked off,” said Cynthia Haywood.

“They’re needy…needing to feel ‘supreme’ that is by trying to make someone else feel bad. They are literally pitiful,” added another user.

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