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Elsa Majimbo clarifies her ‘I hate Kenya’ statement

Popular content creator, Elsa Majimbo, 23, has vehemently denied allegations that she has expressed hatred towards her home country, Kenya.

The young celebrity – who now lives in the US – took to her social media account to clarify her stance, while also expressing her admiration for South Africa.

In a tweet shared on her official account, Elsa Majimbo emphasised her deep affection for South Africa, which has always supported her online and offline.

“Damn, I love South Africa. Like a ride-or-die kind of love. South Africans have shown up for me in ways that I have no words to describe. Just here to acknowledge and be grateful,” she wrote on X platform.

Elsa’s affection for South Africa has been evident through various gestures, including prominently featuring the South African flag in her social media bio – a symbol of her enduring love for the country.

The clarification comes in the wake of a recent controversy that saw Elsa embroiled in a feud with Kenyan netizens. Allegations surfaced that Elsa had made disparaging remarks about Kenya, sparking an uproar on social media.

In response, Elsa publicly offered a $1000 reward to anyone who could provide evidence of her allegedly saying:

“I hate Kenya”.

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She strongly denied the claims, insisting that she had never made such statements and reiterating her pride in her Kenyan identity.

Amidst the online scrutiny, singer KRG the Don joined the conversation and made Elsa an unusual offer.

He offered her the substantial sum of $5 million to renounce her Kenyan citizenship – a gesture that was met with mixed reactions from the public.

In November, the 22-year-old comedian stated that facing criticism for her skin color prompted her to seek refuge in a nation where her complexion is celebrated.

“There was a lot of colourism. There is just a lot of colourism in Kenya. I faced a lot of it when I grew up but even before that, there were a lot of comments on ‘oh, you are so dark’, like ‘oh look at that tint’, she is so ugly, why because she is dark.

There was so much of that, and when that started happening when I was growing up, I was like, I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality,” she said.