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Elsa Majimbo: I’d rather live in South Africa than Nairobi

Comedian Elsa Majimbo says she’s fed up with online bullying by Kenyans, adding she’d rather settle in South Africa other than Nairobi for that reason.

“I’ve been bullied in Nairobi my whole life,” the popular comedian told #ABtalks.

Elsa transformed into a social media sensation within and beyond Kenya’s borders in 2020.

But amid her successes which have been recognized globally, she admits her own compatriots have turned to her biggest critics and even bullies, a development that has ‘hurt’ her.

“It does hurt. It really hurts. Negativity has a way of overshadowing the good. It’s not the bullying that hurt me most, it was the pity. People asking whether I was okay or was about to hurt myself. I don’t want to pity myself because I want to be in a peaceful space.” She says.

Majimbo who is currently in Dubai says that after she leaves the UAE, she would rather hop from country to country than return to Nairobi.

“Nairobi is the worst option possible… If I have nowhere to go I’ll go back to South Africa. I have a home there,” she adds.

The internet star and comedian also talks about the difficulties she has faced including racism, bullying, and criticism from her parents.

“Anyone who is light-skinned will always be treated better (in Kenya),” she said when asked whether she has been a victim of racism or cyberbullying.

#ABtalks is a podcast hosted by Anas Bukhash who talks with unique celebrity personalities from across the world. Chapter 66 of the podcast is all about Elsa who reveals how she dropped out of schooling last year in the wake of her internet fame.

She has, in the past, accused Kenyans of rubbishing her talent.

Due to her opinion on Kenyans, the teenager, who has the South African flag on her Twitter username, has created virtual enemies with several online users, who accuse her of being unpatriotic.

Despite the negativity, Majimbo has been on quite a roll in the last few months, imparting an almost close-knit relationship with Beyonce and Rihanna.

Rihanna went the extra mile to send a personal handwritten letter to her.

In March, she announced she had collaborated with an Italian top fashion company on a ‘special project’.

Her rise to fame is notable because she has not been welcomed graciously into Kenya’s social scene and has been the subject of constant attack by Kenyans on social media.