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Elsa Majimbo: My first heartbreak with rich ex-boyfriend

Renowned social media influencer and comedian, Elsa Majimbo, has publicly spoken about her past relationship with her first boyfriend.

Via TikTok, Majimbo has shared the intriguing details of the relationship that left an indelible mark on her life.

Apparently, Majimbo’s first love story happened when she was just 16 years old.

“Let’s call him Mike, he and I were so in love. We were inseparable, everyone knew, my dad knew and he hated him because I was 16. His mom knew and she really loved me. Mike was from a really rich family, a very wealthy family,” Majimbo recounted.

Majimbo didn’t fully comprehend the source of Mike’s family wealth, and peculiar occurrences only added to the intrigue. Regardless, Majimbo’s loyalty to Mike remained unwavering.

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“I didn’t really know the source of the family’s income because he was very shifty about it. Weird things would happen, like his house got gunned down or his brother got kidnapped at some point and even knowing this immediate danger that was around me, I didn’t care. I was so loyal to this man. I was a ride or die for him,” Majimbo revealed

One episode stands out in Majimbo’s recollection. It was the day he introduced her to his best friend.

“Mike used to play football in Spain… One day he came back and he wanted me to meet his best friend which I was excited about. At the time I had short hair and I decided to put in extensions. I went to see him. His face goes blank. He treated me so coldly the entire time in front of his best friend,” she narrated.

This incident was in stark contrast to Mike’s affectionate nature. Majimbo reminisced about how Mike was fond of public displays of affection. But the man who would usually move heaven and earth for her now seemed like a stranger. He barely held her hand for more than a few seconds.

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“Mike was someone who loved PDA, he would hug me, touch me, kiss me, this man would turn the world upside down for me. On this day, you would have thought he was a stranger. I held his hand, he would hold it for like five seconds and then pull away. I went home and cried, then later I brought it up to him and he said that my hair had caught him by surprise,” Majimbo said.

The abrupt change in Mike’s behaviour left Majimbo deeply unsettled and questioning her self-worth. The treatment she had received was a far cry from the affection and admiration she was accustomed to in their relationship.

Faced with the emotional turmoil, Majimbo decided to make a difficult but necessary decision: she ended her relationship with Mike.

“He went back to Spain the next day, I tried to move past it. A few weeks after that he came back home. I saw him and I was like, I can’t deal with this man. This man made me question myself, and that’s how me and Mike were endgame.”