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Elsa Majimbo’s Tiktok video calls out broke people dishing advice on how to act rich

By Winnie Mabel September 15th, 2022 2 min read

Comedienne Elsa Majimbo took to TikTok to hit out at a challenge where various content creators were advising their followers on how to act rich.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of TikTok videos of people talking about how to act like a rich person, how to dress like a rich person…they are all nonsense.

This is a ball I recently went to, this is me covered in pure white gold and diamonds, there were like a couple of billionaires around. Look at me, dancing barefoot like a villager, proudly. Because I was there for only one purpose, to have fun. Who is going to check me?”

Majimbo added, “You need to understand that people at the top of the pyramid do not look at the bottom for approval. And rich people do not follow rules, they make their own.

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And how are you listening to advise on how to act rich from a person with no proof of funds? Are you okay?” Elsa said in the video.



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Her sentiments were met with a lot of approval, some calling her wise.

“Exactly, make your own rules, enjoy your life,” wrote Travis.

“Finally, someone said what I’ve been thinking,” added Nyabuay Tip.

“Mimi huwa naishi for the moment (As for me I just live in the moment)” commented Bevalyne.

“Like bruh! Rich people literally don’t have time for all that,” said Peng Apparell.

“No proof of funds. This advice is gold,” added Stacey Julia.

“It depends on your intention as you have said. Others dress to impress for a reason so chill girl. As long as they get what they want,” wrote a user.

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“This! They legit may not feel a need to conform because they know they’re good no matter what anyone thinks,” wrote Denise.

Many people also said they had been brought to Elsa’s TikTok by American show host Steve Harvey following their interview.

TikTok currently has many trending video challenges surrounding this topic some of which include: how to act rich without trying, how to act rich at school, how to dress to attract rich men, how to get a rich boyfriend, how to manifest a rich husband and how to meet rich men.

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