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Embarambamba raises eyebrows with ‘lewd’ gospel songs

By Ruth Mbula December 31st, 2022 3 min read

Known for his risky, sometimes crazy dance moves – including sprinting into fans and mounting the back of cows and anything near him during his performances – gospel musician Christopher Mosioma, aka Embarambamba, has been accused of using vulgar language in his latest songs.

While the artiste, who likes wears brightly coloured suits, has always maintained that his bizarre performances and lewd language is meant to appeal to more fans, netizens are of the view that he has gone overboard.

While the musician says he is still on a mission to save souls, his latest songs are now raising eyebrows with critics arguing that they are laced with intense suggestive undertones for any heavenly good.

Among his latest songs are Imesimama, Iny’igwete ndine, Mama nariegwa, Yasoire bono somora, Napenda Mbele Sipendi Nyuma, all of which portray some high level of vulgarity, at least in the Kenyan context.

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Some of the songs are laced with so much epithets for translation to the audience. In his songs done in Kiswahili and Ekegusii, Embarambamba uses raw and sometimes very lewd language to express matters love, which he sometimes purports to connect with Christianity.

After repeating the obscene stanzas severally, he later introduces the gospel aspect of the song.

“I have seen people criticizing me, saying my songs are shameful and immoral. They say my songs are not gospel and that they go against the tenets of Christianity. You know people do not understand songs,” says Embarambamba.

The musician is known for who singing with a lot of vigour, sometimes rolling himself in mud and jumping on people and trees.

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The artiste joined the gospel music industry in 2018 but his dancing moves leave many questioning about his sanity.

“When people hear the words naskia nipande — I feel like climbing — they think it’s that climbing used in making love. They do not hear I feel boarding Jesus’ vehicle. When they hear imeamka imesimama — it’s up and standing — they think that thing is indeed up. They can’t tell that it is the gospel that is up and standing,” Embarambamba explained.

The artiste, who hails from Keroka in Nyamira County, acknowledges accusations of delaying the gospel part of his songs.

“For example when I sing I feel like climbing, I feel like climbing… they don’t want to listen to the other part that I feel like boarding Jesus’ vehicle… God’s gospel is up and standing… Now like this song that talks about mama yangu amekuliwa… my mum has been chewed… The line has caused problems due people’s way of interpretation that is not true,” he explained.

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He clarifies that his latest song about his mother should not be taken literally but there is a message of corruption being sent there.

“Those saccos squandered her money. The boda boda riders she sold bread to declined to pay her while construction workers refused to pay for the githeri she supplied them. She was even attacked by ants. Hunger ate her. When people hear my mum was eaten, they say that is bad manners and wonder who ate her. They think that she slept with someone,” said Embarambamba.

He claims that people tend to understand his songs much later.

“You know nowadays; artists must have unique ways of attracting audiences. People must see something different in you. You must know how to attract people to know your songs. You need to start with a message that is different from other musicians. Then you release the rest of the message later. That is why I am different,” he noted.

“You can for example start by saying oihh, aihhh… amenidunga amenidunga… (he has injected me, he has injected me)… then later say Jesus has injected me with a jab… If you start by singing that Injili imesimama… (the gospel is up and standing)… no one will watch or listen. But when you start with imeamka, mama nimeskia joto joto… it is standing, mother I am feeling some warmth… people will be attracted,” he added.

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